Tron Aventador is Up for Grabs

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It's hard to stick out from a crowd of Aventadors, but this is one way to do it.

It seems like nearly everybody who has bought a Lamborghini Aventador has done something or other in order to customize it. This, and the still fairly recent emergence of the vinyl wrap industry, has made the extra wild-looking Lambo the new norm, and those who want their Aventador to genuinely stand out are having a difficult time of it. But if there was one which seems to have actually pulled it off, it's the Tron-themed car, which resides in Qatar.

For anyone whose Aventador isn't as immediately recognizable, you can buy the Tron car. It currently belongs to a member Qatar's Royal Al-Thani family, but it has gone up for sale for an undisclosed figure. The car has 5,900 miles on it, and has an LB Performance body kit on under the wrap. These sorts of things don't generally add to the value of the car, but the fame which this particular Aventador has attracted might be worth a bit extra to some buyers.

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