Tron Aventador Owned By Saudi Diplomat Gets Damaged In Paris

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Haters gonna hate.

We've seen plenty of eye-catching customizations applied to the always awesome Lamborghini Aventador. However, one of our absolute favorite aesthetic mods applied to the Italian supercar is the Tron-inspired wrap that has become increasingly popular with Lamborghini owners. In fact, the Tron theme is so well-loved, that there was even an amazing digital Tron Aventador created for GTA that looked just as good as the real thing.

One of the latest Tron-themed Aventador's to be spotted is owned by a Saudi Arabian diplomat and features a blue and gold wrap applied by London's Oakley Design. The supercar was recently transported to Paris, where it unfortunately received a rough welcome. Just this week the owner returned to his vehicle parked outside the Four Seasons Hotel to find that the side mirror had been knocked off. Either it was a jealous vandal or a careless driver. Whatever the case may be, it's a real shame.

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