Tron-bo is Free At Last

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Having been removed from the streets of London in broad daylight, the LB Performance-tuned Aventador is back.

We previously reported about Tron-bo Lamborghini Aventador covered in a dark purple, glow-in-the-dark wrap that could easily be mistaken for Spiderman's car but that actually belongs to Nasser Al Thani, the 24 year old member of Qatar's ruling family. We're not sure what the car was doing in London. But we are confident Mr. Nasser Al Thani must have felt like a tool the day his car was impounded in the capital for not having a license plate, driving license or insurance papers.

Every mistake in life can be corrected and this one is no different, so after a good deal of time and probably a hefty chunck of change exchanged hands, we are happy to report that Tron-bo is free to light up the London nights. We only hope that Mr. Al Thani has learned from his youthful experience and remembers to leave home with his driving papers safely tucked away in the Aventador's glove compartment.

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