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Trophy Truck Jumps Babe and GT-R

Off-road racing champion BJ Baldwin takes 850-hp Trophy Truck across the Mojave Desert where he leaps over babe and her Nissan GT-R in awesome Gymkhana-style video short.

Drinks company MonsterEnergy has created a video short dubbed #RECOIL, featuring off-roading champ BJBaldwin behind the wheel of a 850-hp Trophy Truck with a massive 34 inches of suspension travel. After firing up the beast, it’s not long before BJ is screaming across the Mojave Desert at 150 mph and leaping over a damsel in distress and her Nissan GT-R. Afterzipping up her race suit, the babe joins BJ for a spot of extreme Ken Block-style off-roading.

As the sun sets, there’s time to spray a bikini-clad model and a BMW with sand and stones before the pair make their way to Las Vegas where they leave the Monster truck with a valet and head into a casino, presumably for a spot of late-night hijinks.

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