Trouble in Paradise? Viper Sales Slowing

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This doesn't mean the exotic sports coupe is in danger of extinction.

Despite the glowing reviews the SRT Viper has received from both official test drives and fans alike, the V10-powered snake isn't selling very well. Because of this, Chrysler has reportedly ordered for production to be cut by a third and will even reassign many plant workers to other facilities. The Viper is built at Chrysler's Conner Avenue Assembly plant in Detroit, but the car's output will be reduced to only six units per day until further notice.

Richard Prince/Chrysler

This move comes after Viper production was delayed earlier this year due to quality control standards not being met. Still, some 200 new Vipers were shipped to dealers in July and August. No exact reason was given as to why sales of the high-performance coupe have slowed down, but the onset of winter could very well be a major factor. Above all, the Viper carries a hefty base price of $104,480, so it's not exactly affordable for many fans. Yet, Chrysler had hoped to produce 2,000 units per year, a number that has proved to be a bit optimistic. A total of 805 Vipers were built in 2013, but there has been a total of 2,000 orders from anxious buyers.

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