Troublesome High School Kids Take On Cops At The Drag Strip

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A good way to channel rebellious energy or a confidence boost for future criminals?

Wednesday may be known as hump day to most of the nation's workforce, but a small group of California high school students know it as the day they can go race the police at Sonoma Raceway's drag strip and get lawbreaking curiosity out of their systems. This practice has been going on for 23 years and allows for those high school kids with nice cars, AKA the ones you hated at your school, an outlet for their rebellious energy. The idea began when police in Santa Rosa, California became aware of a street racing epidemic taking place in the city.

Kids, after all, just want to be kids and driver's licenses or not, they'll find a way to have fun. The stakes get a lot higher when literal tons of metal, glass, and rubber as well as high amounts of horsepower are involved.

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In order to make the streets a safer place, the local police department thought of one of the more fun ways they could convince kids to come and use their cars in safer manners, allowing them to race uniformed officers in patrol cars and stay off of the public roads. As great a deterrent as that sounds, we can see ways that it could backfire. After all, how much more confident does a driver get knowing that their car can outrun a police cruiser? Great Big Story does a good job of covering the program, known as Top the Cops, and love it or hate it, this is probably one of the more entertaining ways to spend taxpayer money. Just try not to get jealous that some high schoolers have better cars than you.

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