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Truck-Towing Jeep Driver Gets A Hero's Welcome

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The guy pulled a 40-ton tractor-trailer out of the snow to let an ambulance get by.

Trucks are made for towing. The bigger the truck, the more it can tow. But sometimes it's not the weight of the load that bogs them down. Sometimes it's the weather.

That's what Mark Blessed found this winter when he encountered a tractor-trailer stuck in the snow. The truck was blocking an ambulance (with the patient on board) from passing, so Mark did what any Jeep-driving good samaritan would do and pulled it out of the way. And for his efforts, he was lauded as a hero by the local radio station.

The effort was all the more impressive when you consider that Mark's Wrangler is 20 years old, and that the Mercedes rig weighed a good 40 metric tons. And it wasn't the only vehicle he helped get out of the snow that day.

"Somehow my little Jeep managed to tow a 40-ton lorry and let him go on his way," said Mark. "So many people were standing and cheering – it just goes to show how one little thing that you do affects so many different people along the way. I just did a good deed, not to be recognized."

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The resident of St Austell in the British county of Cornwall was among the award recipients feted this past weekend by local radio station Pirate FM. As a token of the public's appreciation, FCA's UK office gave him a package of Jeep-branded gifts, including a new spare-wheel cover for his long-suffering Wrangler.

"We were inundated with nominations for hundreds of very deserving people in Cornwall, but Mark really stood out as the epitome of a good neighbour," said Pirate FM's Holly Day. "Mark fully deserves this recognition," added Jeep UK spokesman Andrew Tracey, and we were happy to send him some gifts with our good wishes."