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Trucks Don't Get Madder Than The Brabus 700 4x4² Final Edition

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This is the ultimate 700-P send-off for the iconic G-Wagen.

The original Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen has been around for 39 years. In that time, it has evolved from a bare-basics military vehicle into an ultra-luxurious SUV that, while still capable of amazing off-road feats, spends the majority of its life cruising around swanky neighborhoods.

The practically identical looking second-generation model was revealed earlier this year and tuning specialist Brabus has decided to send off the old model with a highly modified version of the AMG G63. Called the Brabus 700 4x4² "one of ten" Final Edition, this blocky beast now produces 700 horsepower from its upgraded 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 and has a multi-adjustable off-road suspension with over 23-inches of ground clearance allowing it to traverse the harshest terrain with ease.

Of course, the likelihood of the ten lucky owners ever getting the pristine paintwork muddy (the color choices are either black or white) is highly unlikely. Still, the converted portal axles allow for excellent front and rear axle articulation and the four driver-selectable driving modes allow for individual adjustment of the damper rates on each axle if required. Like, say when you need to mount that curb for that last elusive parking spot at the gym.

To ensure you don't get embarrassed by some sports car away from the lights, that big V8 now features an uprated exhaust system and higher-boost turbochargers to produce a massive 700 hp and 708 lb-ft of torque, a substantial improvement over the stock model's modest 563 hp and 561 lb-ft effort. There is also gold heat reflection sheathing for the intake and boost pipes that further lowers the temperature of the intake air. The 0-62 mph time is cut down to 5.0-seconds while top speed is limited to 130 mph due to those huge off-road tires.

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The exterior features large carbon-fiber fender flares and roof spoiler as well as LED daytime running lights. The cockpit has some nice Brabus touches too like the two-tone black/brown leather seats and a long list of trim options to add a personal touch to the interior.

Each Brabus 700 4x4² comes with a three-year 60,000-mile tuning warranty and prices start at $237,000 (excluding VAT), which is a healthy $94,000 premium over the standard AMG G63. A fitting tribute to a mad SUV that is both fascinating, illogical, impractical and desirable all at the same time.