Trump Annoyed Ford So Much That It Confirmed The Bronco's Return


And we're getting the Ranger back as well!

The fiery intensity of the US presidential debates may not have yielded tax returns or missing emails, but that doesn't mean that a gem has not emerged from the heat and pressure of the political battle. Information about the Ford Bronco's return has just been released, in part because of Donald Trump's continuing attacks against the automaker for moving some of its manufacturing facilities abroad. Speaking with the Detroit Free Press, UAW 900 plant chairman Bill Johnson revealed that the two missing models are coming back stateside.

Johnson was attempting to point out that Trump seems to attack Ford despite the fact that every other American automaker participates in outsourcing. He also mentions that even with the shift in manufacturing location, which will soon happen when the Focus and C-Max move production to Mexico, Michigan assembly plants will be kept busy building more profitable SUVs. This batch of vehicles comes after Ford announced that four new SUVs coming to its lineup. One of these was predicted to be the Bronco, and thanks to Johnson's comments we now know that to be the case. The iconic SUV has been absent from the lineup for a while, but the time seems right to bring it back. Gas prices are low and Americans are crazy once again for SUVs.

"We hate to see the products go to Mexico, but with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly that absolutely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus does," Johnson said. So there we have it, not only are we getting two iconic Ford trucks back but they are being built in Michigan as tradition intended. While there's no guess as to what the new Bronco will actually look like, we think Ford recognizes the enthusiast pedigree that the name carries and will subsequently make it a rugged-looking SUV capable of plenty of out-the-box off-road ability. For practical reasons, we don't expect it to look like these renderings, courtesy of bronco6g, but we have our hands clasped together in prayer that it is.

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