Trump's Ex-Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Is Appreciating In Value


That's right, old Donald Trump used to roll in a LeMans Blue V 12 Roadster with custom details.

Donald Trump's 1997 Lemans Blue Lamborghini Diablo SV Roadster has popped up for sale before, and even then it was a sort of selling point that he may become president. It was listed at a pretty hefty $299,000 which is pretty nuts for an older car, no matter who owned it. We're not sure it they managed to sell the car back then though or if there were simply no offers and it was then returned to storage. The mileage has only increased to 15,277 miles from 14,992.

As Trump's presidential campaign gains ground, so it seems is the seller's aspirations to make money off the old V12. Even with a slight increase in mileage, which usually lowers the value of a car, the seller has seen fit to raise the selling price to an even more unbelievable $460,000! We're not sure if a small domed gel badge and a cut out vinyl sticker is enough of a Trump stamp for even the nuttiest of Trump fans (and there are plenty) to want to fork out that kind of money to show off the level of their obsession. The papers do declare that Trump was the owner, but it's not like you can carry them around in your wallet to show off.

It's not a bad Lamborghini though, and Donny did have a bit of taste in the 90s because he specced the car with the perfect interior colors. It will be interesting to see if the car fetches that price, or if it will get more because the eBay listing is set to receive bids on the car. If Trump does indeed manage to win and become president, then yeah, the car will become a part of American history and possibly be worth what the seller is asking, but even then we think it's a pretty slim chance. The best part about the car is that it was named after Trump by Lamborghini themselves - Diablo.

Courtesy of Kim Cervo
Courtesy of Kim Cervo

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