Trump's Victory Prompts Ram To Run An Ad We Wouldn't See With Hillary

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Praise the work.

When it was announced that Donald Trump had won the race for the seat as the 45th president of the United States despite using the most unusual campaign rhetoric seen in history, the gears of the media machine began turning, trying to find out what led to his victory. So far the most conclusive answer is that America's blue-collar workforce helped Trump glide to victory because the rest of the candidates had forgot them. Not wanting to fall behind, Ram just released an advertising campaign to remind America's workforce it hasn't forgotten them either.

This is dedicated to the blue-collar worker. If you're sitting in an office while watching this, chances are it isn't geared towards you. This is geared to those who had to punch a time card before leaving work, the factory workers and janitors who can't afford to call in sick for rain, sleet, or snow.

Hell, this is geared to the very people who build the Ram models this advert is trying to sell. The narrator has an appropriately tired and raspy voice, presumably forged from years of Marlboro smoke, overtime shifts, and hot coffee. No matter what side of the political spectrum you lie or which walk of life you come from, eating from a silver spoon or filling the thermos at 4:15 in the morning, it's a moving commercial that tells a story not often heard.

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