Try And Guess The Supercar Going 0 to 185 MPH In This Video

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Proof that not all speedometers are created equal.

Ever wonder what a Hennessey Performance custom job is like before John Hennessey gets his hands on it? This video from the tuning house shows a stock Corvette Z06 being taken from 0 to 185 mph. The video strictly shows the speedometer, which is a thing of beauty when being pushed as far as it can go. The redline indicator is especially cool as it flashes yellow right before the redline is hit and the gears are changed. The gas gauge also takes a noticeable dip as well.

Hopefully Hennessey will continue to pump out more videos as it takes this Corvette under the knife. Going 185 mph is cool and all, but that speedometer can likely break 200 when all is said and done.

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