Try Not To Cringe As This Helpless Car Is Accidentally Towed Away

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Seriously, how can you not feel sorry for this driver!

Dash cams often capture some of the craziest moments ever caught on film. Of course they also capture plenty of mundane stuff as well. This video falls right in the middle of the spectrum. It's not jump-out-of-your-seat crazy but it's also not so boring as to be offensive. What makes it so good, and cringeworthy is that it's real, as in it could happen to any driver around the world. Here, a big rig is driving down a crowded street when part of it catches hold of a car. The trucker doesn't notice this and keeps driving, dragging the poor black car along the way.

It's funny in a sad way to hear the horn honks and watch as the car helplessly tries to escape; look at its wheels spin! Check it out for yourself and let us know in the comments if you cringed or felt anything at all. If not then you're far superior to us.

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