Try Not To Cringe As This Student Driver Smashes Up A Honda Civic Type R

/ Comments the hell does something like this even happen?!

Driving is not easy, especially for teenagers first learning the ropes. We've seen a student driver back over a motorcycle (and almost its owner) while trying to escape the middle of an intersection. That was bad, but is it worse than the kid in this video? Yes, parking lots can be tricky but when you're doing less than 5 mph and you drive straight into someone…well that's just ridiculous. What makes it worse is that the car the student driver hit is a Honda Civic Type R.

According to the video description, the student driver was alone in the car. Having a licensed adult-or even a friend who's not a complete dumbass-probably would have averted this wreck. All we know is that this kid needs a few more lessons before getting behind the wheel again. Type R owner, our hearts go out to you.

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