Try Not To Cringe As This Teenage Driver Stalls 13 Times Heading Into A Roundabout

Driving a manual isn't that hard, except for when it is.

Everyone who drives a manual transmission has stalled before. Usually this happens when you’re getting the hang of a new clutch or when you’re just learning the ropes for the first time. Most of us are lucky enough to not get our stick shift fails caught on camera. Others are not so fortunate. This young driver in Scotland was caught on a dash cam stalling her Citroen C1 an impressive 13 times while heading into a roundabout. It got so bad that the cammer exits his car to offer some sage words of wisdom.

Whatever the guy said worked because after he walked off the girl was on her way. Try not to laugh too hard at her misfortune, though. Chances are you’ve done something equally embarrassing while operating a stick shift. You were probably just lucky enough to not screw up in the time of YouTube.

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