Try Not To Cry After Seeing This Mangled Aventador Roadster

Apparently all-wheel-drive doesn't help.

Lamborhginis may not be as enjoyable to drive as Ferrarisaround a track because of their all-wheel-drive system, but that doesn’tautomatically mean the Italian automaker’s supercars are any easier to drive. Arare Lamborghini Aventador Roadster was recently involved in an accident in Estonia,Tallinn. The owner lost control of the vehicle and swerved offthe main road, which caused the supercar to run into a lamp post beforestopping next to some train lines. The Lambo is definitely going to need some tlc after this.

The end result was some serious front-end damage that includedthe front splitter, hood, bumper and wheels. The incident caused delays forpassengers riding the train and drew a massive crowd since supercars are rare inthe area. Thankfully, no one was injured in the accident and the driver willnot be convicted of any driving offenses. Having all-wheel-drive in a supercar is definitely helpful, but doesn't mean the supercar is easy to drive.

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