Try Not To Drool Over This One-Off Alfa Romeo 6C 3000 CM

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Is this the most attractive Alfa Romeo ever made?

It's no secret that Alfa Romeo makes some of the most eye-pleasing cars on the planet, but one of the most attractive Alfas we've ever seen is a car you've probably never heard of. What you're looking at here is a 1960 Alfa Romeo 6C 3000 CM Pininfarina Superflow IV, to give it its full longwinded name – and it's the only existing example in the world, just to make it even more special. The one-off Alfa will be shown for the first time in the UK at the upcoming Chubb Insurance Concours d'Elegance where it will compete in the Curvaceous Coupes class.

The Alfa Romeo 6C 3000 CM originated as an endurance racer, where it famously finished second in the 1953 Mille Miglia road race driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. Only eight works examples were built, two of which were handed over to coachbuilding specialists Boano and Pininfarina to be converted into road cars. The most famous of the two was the car conceived by Pininfarina, which went through four iterations until the diligent designers were happy with the final design. Called the Superflow, the first car was launched at the 1956 Turin Motor Show with Plexiglass covering the front wheels, which doubled as headlight covers, and the hinged gullwing roof sections.

The Superflow II soon followed. While the original car was painted in white with a black stripe, the Superflow II was repainted with a striking red finish and white stripe, and featured a sharper nose made from steel. All Plexiglass was removed apart from the headlight covers. Debuting at the 1959 Geneva Motor Show, the third iteration featured an open roof. The fourth and final design was shown at the Geneva Show a year later, incorporating the best features from the previous iterations. Like the original car, Plexiglass was extensively used on the roof and headlights, and it could be used either as a coupe or a stylish open top spider.

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Powering the Superflow IV is a 3.5-liter straight-six producing around 275-hp. "For Salon Prive to be chosen as the first Concours event in the UK for this illustrious and influential car to be shown is a huge honour. One of the most important Alfa Romeos of its era, and a large part of the marque and Pininfarina's history, I am sure that it will attract the attention of enthusiasts from all over the world," said Concours chairman, Andrew Bagley. The Alfa Romeo 6C 3000 CM Pininfarina Superflow IV will be on display at the show for a limited time between August 31 and September 1. Just try not to drool all over it.

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