Try Not To Get Possessed By The Exhaust Note Of The Dodge Challenger Demon

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Sometimes it's nice to greet the day with a little 'Murrica.

Dodge ran an outright barrage of marketing gold on our unsuspecting senses when it wanted to announce it would arrive on the scene with the Challenger SRT Hellcat. Apparently FCA thought it best to ensure that the car was positioned front and center of the enthusiast community. Every. Single. Week. You'd think Dodge had left nothing to the imagination by the time the reveal rolled around, but it turns out that sentiment is wrong.

What's missing is a good old fashioned clip of the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine starting up. Okay, so technically we've heard clips of the engine roaring angrily as it stares down an empty drag strip, but it's assumed that Dodge's crafty video production crew was messing with the entire video's audio so it sounded perfectly crisp.

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This time around, we get to see a startup video the way they were intended to be consumed. Raw, unaltered, and shot by a single camera-wielding car fan who happened to be behind the SRT Demon when someone decided to push the starter button. Thankfully they give it a few revs to allow us the pleasure of listening to it it go from a deep rumble to a guttural roar, but it would be nice if the driver let the throttle flirt with the firewall a bit more closely. No mention from Dodge on whether or not the 91 octane fuel will make the engine sound meaner, but whatever the Demon is running in this clip sure seems up to the task of intimidating anything unfortunate enough to be in the adjacent drag lane.

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