Try Not To Laugh As This Koenigsegg CCX Scares The Crap Out Of A Woman

She looked like she was in fight or flight mode.

Everyone knows that supercars are loud. But audio,especially in videos, does a poor job of revealing just how loud supercarsreally are. The unsuspecting woman on the side of the road was having a conversationwith her friends, when a Koenigsegg CCX roars past her. The CCX’s 4.7-liter twin-supercharged V8 produces806 hp and a brutal sound that’s similar to rolling thunder, only better. Justas the supercar begins to enter the tunnel, the driver pins the throttle and lets all of its 806 horses loose.

The lady flips out and nearly loses her mind as the supercarroars past her. Supercars have another talent: being able to scare the bejesusout of people.

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