Try Not To Look Away At These 5 Epic Near-Miss Crashes

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Phew, these are close calls.

Driving cars isn't exactly easy. That's why countries require people to take tests and driving lessons before getting behind the wheel for the first time. While some enthusiasts believe that they are the best race car drivers in the world, the truth of the matter is that driving takes patience, practice and skill. You don't become a good driver overnight and sometimes drivers who avoid accidents are more lucky than good. Chock it up to good luck or skill, but either way you look at it, these five drivers are extremely lucky and had some pretty close calls.

Not a lot of people have the opportunity to say that they drove a Ferrari, but this guy has the best story of all. Not only did he get to drive a F430, but he also had an epic near-miss in one. He's a fool for driving way too fast and trying to pass on the wrong side of the road, but he's lucky to be alive.

This "expert car drifter" isn't exactly what we would call an expert as he nearly came close to claiming the lives of a few onlookers. The driver in this Toyota Supra loses it and slams into the wall but luckily the spectators stay safe. Hey, watching people drive can be scary too.

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Video footage from dash cams in Russia is better than some action scenes from high-budget movies. While crazy stuff happens all the time in Russia, seeing an 18-wheeler sliding towards you is definitely new. An extra 20 feet and this wouldn't have been a near miss.

The Nurbrugring is on nearly every enthusiast's list as a place to visit, but the infamous track is a tricky place to master. And when one car gets into an accident, a massive pileup is sure to follow. While the others on this list got lucky, we think this driver was skilled.

Lastly, and most frighteningly, is a video from a seemingly mundane situation. An SUV driver blows through a stop sign, which then causes another SUV to take drastic measures. In the end, this man filling up on gas narrowly avoids being crushed.

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