Try Not to Love Watching This Showoff Meathead Biker Wipeout

It's hard, but we'll try.

Anyone who has ever had a run in with a muscle laden bully in school will seriously enjoy the next two minutes in this video. In it, a parade of cool bikes parade down the street at a nice cruising speed for fans and onlookers who have gathered to watch from the sidelines. Suddenly. a guy who looks like he stepped straight out of a WWF ring decides to put on his own show by giving his bike a quick burst of power and acceleration. Only something goes wrong and he and his bike go flying forward.

Of course we are stereotyping this guy, he could have been a really nice guy to people in high school (he does have a fanny pack after all), but someone how we doubt it. At any rate, his recovery from getting flung from the bike is pretty hard core.

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