Try Not To Weep After Watching This SUV Slam Into A Rare Acura NSX

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Look away, NSX fans.

The original Acura NSX is one of Japan's most sacred sports cars from the '90s – particularly as not many are around anymore having ended production over ten years ago, before relaunching this year. All we can advise is that hardcore NSX fans may want to look away from the following upsetting video. Originally shared on Facebook, driver Sammy Manivong was waiting at an intersection when he spotted the rather splendid sight of a passing 1995 Acura NSX.

Like any self-respecting car lover would do, he whipped out his phone and started to film the rare mid-engined, 3.0-liter sports car. Little did he know, however, that he was about to capture the scene of an expensive traffic accident.

The oblivious driver of a Lexus RX SUV jumped a red light and slammed into the Acura NSX, completely destroying its front end. It's unknown if the occupants suffered any injuries, but you have to feel for the owner of the NSX, whose pride and joy has been reduced to an unrecognizable wreck. Speaking to Jalopnik, Sammy was apparently test driving a car in California when he caught the sight of the stunning NSX, complete with Enkei RPF1 wheels. His shocked response is perfectly understandable, but we imagine fans of the NSX will probably need therapy after witnessing such a distressing incident.

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