Trying To Outrun Police In A Smart Car Is as Hilarious As It Sounds

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This probably wasn't the smartest choice of getaway car.

High-speed police pursuits are nothing unusual in America. In fact, they're so common that many are broadcasted on live TV or live-streamed online. This police pursuit is very unusual, however, because the suspect tried to outrun police in Smart ForTwo. Probably not the smartest choice of getaway car.

According to AZ Family, the chase started in Gilbert, Arizona, after police responded to a disturbance at a Walmart parking lot where a man was acting suspiciously and "screaming and yelling." Police approached them and tried to apprehend the suspect, but they refused to talk to police and fled the scene in their tiny Smart ForTwo.

10 Tampa Bay / YouTube
10 Tampa Bay / YouTube

Police tried to pull the driver over "multiple times" but they refused to stop. During the chase, the driver ran multiple red lights before ending up on the Interstate 10 highway in Phoenix, Arizona. The wild police chase was called off to reduce the level of danger to the public. That's right, the suspect temporarily escaped from the cops…in a Smart car. Not a bad achievement considering the Smart ForTwo has 80 horsepower and a blazing top speed of 81 mph.

This is probably the most unexciting police chase you'll ever watch. You can even see traffic cars overtaking the Smart car as it casually cruises the highway.

10 Tampa Bay / YouTube
10 Tampa Bay / YouTube
10 Tampa Bay / YouTube

Eventually, police resumed the pursuit and used a spike strip to puncture the Smart ForTwo's tires, but even this couldn't stop the tiny city car. The chase came to an end after police cruiser used a PIT maneuver to spin the car out and bring it to a stop and the suspect was finally taken into custody.

Smart no longer sells cars in the US, but the company is reinventing itself as an electric-only car company over in Europe. The automaker is even planning to build a small electric SUV with a 250-mile range, but we aren't expert to go on sale in the US.

2017-2019 smart fortwo Electric Drive Coupe Front View Driving smart
2017-2019 smart fortwo Electric Drive Coupe Side View Driving smart

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