TT Legends Documents Honda

New film follows Honda's endurance motorcycle racing team as it strives for glory on circuits around the world.

We’ve been fortunate enough to be blessed with some excellent racing documentaries in recent years: Senna, Love the Beast, Truth in 24, and for motorbike fans, Faster (mostly about Valentino Rossi). But could we be in line for another addition to the list? Honda seems to think so. The Japanese team is the subject of an eight-part miniseries (re-edited down to an hour-long special) called TT Legends. It follows Honda through the 2012 Endurance World Championship, including races at Suzuka, Le Mans and the Isle of Mann.

The film will be shown during at the Manx Museum this week during the aforementioned Isle of Mann TT this week, but if your plans don’t include a trip to that particular British island, you can check out the trailer below and pick up the DVD for yourself.

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