Tug-a-Truck Tragedies

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Two trucks playing a game of tug of war; what's the worst that could happen?

On paper, tug-a-truck sounds awesome. Two giant trucks battle it out to see which one has more strength. It's the ultimate way to settle Ford versus Chevy arguments, or Nissan versus Toyota tiffs. (The latter of the two is growing in number.) Like anything that is awesome on paper, tug-a-truck competitions periodically go wrong. When they do, pride isn't the only thing destroyed. Check out these videos to see how some of that pride and those other things are seriously damaged.

First up is an epic battle between a diesel Ford and Chevy. The competition is fierce until one truck destroys its rear differential and transmission. Looks like the Ford versus Chevy debate is settled once and for all.

If the previous video led you to believe that the Ford versus Chevy debate was over, then you need to hold your horses and check out this less epic tug-a-truck video. Like the last video, one truck ends up destroying its differential (the front diff this time), along with its owners pride.

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The cameraman for this video is terrible at best, but this video is still worth a watch, namely because both trucks suffer some damage. Again, this video pits a Ford versus a Chevy, with one destroying its driveshaft and the other its tie rod.

Not surprisingly, the best tug-a-truck fail has been saved for last. These two monster trucks go at it for all of 15 seconds before one completely destroys the other.

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