Cadillac Escalade Gets Carbon Body Kit And Wild Lighting

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Is it too much, or just aggressive enough?

The Cadillac Escalade is not a vehicle built for subtlety. It's a massive leather-clad luxury behemoth designed to put you above (and isolate you from) the world. If you have more cash and want to be set further apart from the rest of the world, Larte Design would like to present to you another option, one that'll ensure you're seen even if you don't have the 682-hp Escalade V trim.

This is an outrageous body kit for the entirety of the Escalade, from gaping grille to blocky rear end. Larte Design will also send your kit anywhere in the world, supposing this sort of thing is for you. One thing's for sure, the kit is definitely a bold statement.
Larte Design
Larte Design
Larte Design

So, what are you getting? The process starts at the hood, which is 100% carbon fiber, just like the rest of the kit. As an aside, you could either leave this as-is or have your installer paint it. Just below that hood is arguably the largest alteration: a totally new grille. It appears the Cadillac badge is removed, with Larte Design's own carbon and logo placed over the nose.

Down at the bottom, new fog lights are added to a bumper overlay, which then wraps up into new fender flares. We'd recommend getting some spacers to fill out the wheel arches. The kit also includes some new carbon mirror caps, which should help to add to the kit's aggressive look.

Larte Design
Larte Design

Around the back, changes are more subtle. Larte Designs adds a new spoiler(for all that downforce you need in an Escalade), as well as a new trunk overlay. Here, the story is much the same as the grille, which means putting Larte's logo and carbon over Cadillac's logo and metal. We're all for it, though some may think that's just lazy design. At least that way you can revert your car back to stock with far less headache should you decide to sell it.

Either way, the kit is rounded off with a new diffuser and exhaust tips. If you ask us, this is the best part of the kit. It blends a lot of existing Escalade elements into a more aggressive look with fresh new exhaust tips that really tie the whole package together. We expect it's not cheap, mind you, seeing as Larte Designs is low volume TUV-approved carbon fiber but you do get a decent two-year warranty.

Larte Design

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