Street Race

Tuned Corvette Stingray Races Stock Viper and 12C

There are also girls in bikinis. Can't go wrong there.

The new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is definitely fast. There’s no doubting that. When it comes to domestic and foreign competition, however, does America’s favorite sports car still hold up? Its competition today in this video is the SRT Viper and McLaren 12C. Unlike the Vette, however, its rivals are both completely stock. Is this a fair matchup? Well, that depends on whom you ask, but each car has an output greater than 450 hp, so we’re not dealing with anything small time here.

Chevrolet has been claiming its new Vette is now a world class supercar competitor, so let’s see how it does when it takes part in some likely illegal street racing. Hat tip to Diego.

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