Tuned GT-R Puts The Fear Of God Into Model S P100D At The Drag Strip

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Godzilla gives "the world's fastest production car" a run for its money.

The Tesla Model S P90D was one of the drag strip's top dogs…and then the P100D came along. Tesla's latest offering can do 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds and is the world's fastest production car, as in a car that's currently in production. So Elon Musk's newest EV should pick up right where the P90D left off, destroying all comers at the strip, right? Well, not exactly. In this video a P100D goes heads up with a 2013 Nissan GT-R that has been tuned, mid-piped and which is running 93 octane.

As you might have guessed the Tesla still wins the race but things are so much closer than expected. In fact, the GT-R posts a shorter quarter mile time and a higher trap speed. So what gives?

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It all comes down to reaction time, with the Model S getting off the line in just .060 seconds whereas the GT-R driver needed .281 seconds to get going. It may seem like splitting hairs but if you know the rules of the game you've got to play by them. Anyway, even though the GT-R "lost" we're still damn impressed that it was able to hold its own out there. It does have all-wheel drive and we don't know what all that tuning upped its power numbers to, but the P100D is one bad (in a good way) car and being able to hang with it on the drag strip is an achievement worth being proud of. Fun fact: The guy behind the wheel of the Model S P100D is the owner of both a new Ford GT and the YouTube channel DragTimes.

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