Tuned Nissan GT-R Makes Mincemeat Of Stock Quarter-Mile Time

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Who knows what the hell Ekanoo Racing did to it.

The kind fellows at Ekanoo Racing have set what appears to be a blistering quarter-mile time in an R35 GTR at a drag strip in Bahrain. Ekanoo's T1 R35 boasted a sub-eight second quarter-mile time, while stock the car can only do 11 seconds. One can only wonder what Ekanoo did to shave a whole three seconds off of that time. The speed it reaches to attain that time is phenomenal for a supercar. The thing is, it's a GTR and it pretty solidly undercuts eight seconds, but we have seen faster.

Next to a Supra that does sub-seven on a drag strip, that GT-R seems like it has a bit more to go before it can be called legendary. Maybe because of enemies like drag and gearing it will forever be chasing such a time, but hopefully not. This R35 did however set a world record for speed. Still, it's fun to complain.

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