Tuner Claims 2015 Ford Mustang Has Gained 300 Pounds

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Will owners even notice the extra weight?

While buyers await the arrival of their new Mustang, it appears one Blue Oval tuning house has already taken stock of the 2015 Stang and found it to be a bit on the heavy side. Leading Ford aftermarket firm Steeda Autosports says "the 2015 Mustang ended up gaining 200-300 pounds in this remake." Trusted tuners are often given early access to new models in order to develop upgrades in time for their release.

Like all carmakers, Ford had to balance making the new Mustang bigger, safer and better equipped in terms of safety, handling and infotainment, with improving the car's performance and efficiency by keeping weight down. If Steeda's claims are accurate, it seems Ford has failed to find the perfect balance. Thankfully, buyers will always be able to turn to the likes of Steeda to eke out more performance.

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Source Credits: www.steeda.com

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