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Tuner Transforms New BMW M5 Into A 720-HP Monster

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Manhart's modified BMW M5 will do 62–124 mph in just 5.7 seconds.

Considering it packs 600 horsepower, the new F90 BMW M5 isn't exactly tame, but German tuner Manhart thinks the standard car "lacks drama." Not long after ABT transformed the Audi RS3 into a 500-hp super sedan, the tuner has given the M5 the aftermarket treatment. Manhart calls its creation the MH5 700, and it's an absolute beast. Thanks to a new ECU, the super sedan now packs a whopping 723 horsepower, putting it on a par with the McLaren 720S. Surprisingly, Manhart won't say how quick the modified M5 F90 will do the 0-62 mph sprint.

But with an extra 121 hp on tap it should be able to shave a few tenths of a second off the standard car's 3.4 second sprint time. Manhart did confirm, however, that 62–124 mph takes just 5.9 seconds, which is frighteningly fast. As well as a performance boost, Manhart has also given the F90 M5 a visual makeover. The high-performance sedan features a carbon fiber exterior package that adds a front spoiler with optional side blades, an aggressive diffuser, and a boot lid lip spoiler. It's finished in a distinctive black and gold livery that probably won't suit all tastes, but it certainly makes the M5 stand out from the crowd.

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Manhart also fits stainless steel exhaust system that makes the car sound much more aggressive, or carbon fiber exhaust tips can be added for an extra cost. Other mechanical upgrades include KW coilover springs that lower the car by 0.8 inches, and the car rides on a set of 21-inch Manhart Concave One aluminum rims finished in Silk-Matte Black. Inside, the changes aren't as brash as the interior, as the company's logo has been added to the steering wheel and new floor mats have been added.