Tuner Turns Tesla Model Y Into Hardcore Off-Roader

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The upgrades include a suspension lift and chunkier rubber.

Teslas are known for their phenomenal performance and impressive range, but while we continue to wait for the mythical Cybertruck to arrive, there's still no real off-road option from the EV giant - until now. We have seen aftermarket tuners and tinkerers modifying standard Tesla cars to go off-road, and the results have been mixed, but this off-road-ready Tesla Model Y from Delta4x4 in Germany might just do the trick. Delta4x4 is more accustomed to building traditional 4x4 machines, but the company is clearly on to something with this build, which should attract many who would like a little more capability out of their Model Y EVs.

Delta4x4 Delta4x4 Delta4x4

The Tesla Model Y Performance recently received a Track Mode, which gives the driver more control over driving modes, but these features are more focused on acceleration and on-the-road performance. With around 450 horsepower, this electric SUV does not lack the power to go up hills or through muddy trails, but it simply doesn't have the ground clearance or traction to do so.

To turn the Model Y into an off-road machine, Delta4x4 gives the car a suspension lift of nearly 1.4 inches and fits 265/45R20 Continental Cross Contact ATR tires, bringing the total ground clearance to nearly 8.7 inches. Finally, this rugged Model Y also comes with an increased track width which enables a wheel mount.

Delta4x4 Delta4x4

The exterior gains a set of cool-looking fender flares to cover the wider rubber and a roof rack that holds a set of recovery boards, canisters, shovels, and even a spare tire. The front end features four PIAA LED spotlights fitted to the bumper and a light bar on the roof rack for when you're taking on a night stage. In the pics, we can see the Model Y take on snowy embankments, with the wheels getting major hang time. These photos tell us that there isn't massive wheel articulation, but the added ground clearance clearly helps.

If you're interested in turning your Model Y into a trail beater, Delta4x4 will sell you the parts. The suspension lift kit costs €900 (around $955), and the wheel and tire combo costs a massive €4,500 ($4,775). The roof rack costs €2,900 ($3,078), and the PIAA 550 LED high power headlights are another €1,800 ($1,910).

Delta4x4 Delta4x4

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