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Tuners Are Already Getting Ready For The Lamborghini Urus

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Surprised it took this long.

This coming December (the fourth, to be precise), Lamborghini will finally unveil the production version of the Urus SUV, which first appeared in concept form way back in 2012. It'll be a big event, no doubt, as it marks the first time Lamborghini returns to the SUV segment since the LM002, which ceased production in 1993. From the brief teaser image just revealed, it appears much of the Urus concept's design will remain intact, thus further allowing Lamborghini's sole SUV to have a unique personality, certainly one that differs from its Porsche Cayenne corporate cousin.

Also like the Cayenne, the Urus will likely become a favorite amongst tuners, and rendering artist Denis Mulyava has created a series of images showcasing what a tuned Urus may look like. Mulyava actually teamed up with Russian tuning shop Topkontur for this project, so it's not really a surprise the overall styling has been taken to an even more extreme level. It's Russia. This happens. Anyway, one rendering shows the Urus with what appears to be a camo wrap and gold rims, while the other is literally an orange fest. Along with exterior modifications, improvements to the engine will undoubtedly be done, but Lamborghini is already claiming the Urus will hit 187 mph out of the box.

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Heck, Lamborghini's CEO is already bragging it'll be the fastest SUV ever to lap the Nurburgring. By this time next year, not only will the Urus be hitting the road, but the inevitable aftermarket tuned versions will be as well. Photos courtesy of Denis Mulyava/Behance.