Street Race

Tuning Battle: Honda Civic vs. Corvette ZR1 (Seriously)

This modified Civic has a ridiculous 750 horsepower.

A Chevy Corvette ZR1 and a Honda Civic aren’t exactly in the same category. Not even close. But if there’s one thing the Civic is known for other than its solid reliability is that people love to tune the hell out of them. We’ve seen plenty of powerfully tuned Civics over the years, but this particular one is just insane. It’s got 750 horsepower and easily holds its own against an also modified Corvette ZR1 that’s good for 600 hp. So what happens when the two are pitted against each other on an empty strip of highway?

Along with those loud noises, it’s quite a race to witness. Be sure to check out the video ahead to see how insanely fast a Civic can be.

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