Tuning Is The Only Way A Golf R Smokes A Challenger Hellcat In A Drag Race

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Watch a stock Challenger Hellcat do its best to top a ton of tuned cars.

We here at CarBuzz have a soft spot for the Dodge Challenger Hellcat, for obvious reasons. But that doesn't mean we don't enjoy laughing at Dodge's flagship muscle car when it gets smoked on the drag strip. This video features a stock Challenger Hellcat doing its best to fend off a variety of tuned opponents on the drag strip. The stock 'Cat's 707 horsepower is unfortunately not enough to defeat lighter cars with tuned engines, like the Volkswagen Golf R featured in the first race.

But that's not the Hellcat's only defeat. Unfortunately the muscle car loses a few more races before it finally takes down a last-gen Camaro ZL1 that was mercifully left unmodified (we think). We know these races are unfair for many reasons but they are still fun to watch, especially if you have some weird thing against the Challenger Hellcat.

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