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Tuning Shop Owner Loses Mind And Builds Hot Rod G-Class

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Any G-Class fans out there crazy and rich enough to buy this?

There's a certain sect of luxury car owners that want nothing to do with the hours, days, weeks, and months of work that automakers put into building some of their best cars. Take the Bentley Continental or Mercedes G-Class, for example. Those cars represent two of the finest machines drivers can hope to own, but there are still plenty of buyers who purchase either car only to end up using their vast amounts of wealth and lunacy to bypass Bentley and Mercedes' engineers and have tuners like Mansory or Brabus come up with crazy creations of their own.

Think an exposed carbon body for a Bentayga is too outlandish? Think again because Mansory will build it. Is an 800 horsepower G-Class with a 149 mph top speed too over-the-top? Not if you can sign a big check over to Brabus. But when it comes to aftermarket tuners that cater to the rich lunatics of the world, none quite compare to Danton Arts Kustoms.

Based in France, Danton Arts Kustoms is known for taking just about anything, from Porsches and Lamborghinis to Citroën 2CVs and Willys Jeeps, and turning them into modern interpretations of the classic hot rod. And while many of Danton's creations are real cars with engines, wheels, and certifiably insane owners, some of its craziest have yet to leave the design phase.

Thankfully, the tuner's Instagram page is a vault of absurd automotive renderings. Take this G55 AMG hot rod as proof of that. Danton Arts Kustoms has gotten ahold of the proportions of the recently-revealed 2nd generation G-Class and turned it into something else entirely.

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It all starts by cutting off the unibody SUV's rear end and is followed by reinforcing the chassis with a roll cage, slamming the high-riding body to the ground, staggering tire width so the rear end can handle more power, heavily modifying the Mercedes' engine so it trades refinement for ferocity, and topping it all off with a hardcore body kit complete with a large rear wing, both of which look capable of gluing the G-Wagon to the ground at the high speeds it looks able to achieve.

This particular G-Class looks like it's ready to hit a Nascar or Formula 1 race. And crazier still is that it looks like it could win, too. But the question remains, is there a G-Class owner crazy enough to pay Danton Arts Kustoms to build this? We pray the answer is yes.