Tunisians Destroy Ferrari Owned by Family of Exiled President

As many of us have (or haven't) been watching the news coming out of Tunisia lately, the public has been displaying its many years of built up frustration and anger towards their former government and leader. Evidently, Tunisians could care less about ousted President Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali's expensive tastes as they've taken out their rage on his Ferrari. Last week, the former President/Dictator's Ferrari GTB Fiorano was seen dangling from the forks of an industrial truck.

Now, new pictures and video have made their way online showing what is left of a presidential family member's Ferrari California. Supposedly owned by family member Sofiane Ben Ali, angry Tunisian rioters completely destroyed the car by swiping its tires, badges, and anything else of value. The looting took place in a garage where the California was parked. And judging by what's left, the rioters never took the car for a test drive. Note to self: Self, if I ever become a dictator, be good to the people. Otherwise, they'll destroy your Ferrari.

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