Turbo Four-Pot Will Give the F-Type a Different Purr

Will a smaller and turbocharged engine still sound vicious enough?

The act of downsizing and turbocharging engines is quickly becoming standard practice for automakers. Ford has its EcoBoost lineup, and even BMW and Mercedes are fully engaged in this practice now. The next-generation Ferrari lineup will also be sucking in air. So it shouldn’t be at all surprising to learn that Jaguar will soon be offering an entry-level F-Type that’ll be powered by a new turbocharged four-cylinder.

There’s been talk of this happening since last year, but now Autocar has confirmed this fact. The turbo four-pot F-Type, which is currently undergoing testing, will obviously be lighter than its V6 and V8-powered counterparts. This helps improve agility due to the engine sitting further back in the engine bay, therefore putting less weight on the front wheels. Don’t expect to see the four-pot F-Type before late 2015, but it could very well debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September of that year.

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