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Turbo Foxbody Mustang Battles 850-HP Nissan 240SX

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Masses of power meet on the street.

That Racing Channel's very own Nissan 240SX is capable of smashing the quarter-mile in 8.7 seconds at 158 mph. It comes with a factory transmission built by ATF, and thanks to a Precision 7175 turbocharger, it boasts around 850 hp at the wheels. The Saleen Fox Body Mustang is almost as quick down the quarter-mile, completing the 1320-feet dash in 8.9 secs at 155 mph. It boasts a 331/5.4-liter crate engine mated to a 4R70W transmission, and with the help of an 88-mm turbocharger puts down 900 hp at the wheels.

Check out these monster cars going hell for leather down the highway.

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