Turbocharged Go-Karts Are Awesome If They Don't Kill You First

Amazing this guy's limbs are still attached.

We’ve seen plenty of home-built motorized concoctions over the years, some of which could kill. Although built for plain old fun, there are risks involved that aren’t always worth taking. Take these Brazilians, for example. Now, let’s be clear: Brazilians are wonderfully insane in so many ways, and these guys are channeling their inner Ayrton Senna with this turbocharged four-cylinder go-kart. That’s right. A turbo four has been bolted on to what’s literally just scrap metal with wheels, and damn, it looks like a wicked good time.

Check out the video ahead and you’ll see what we mean. Turbocharged go-karts are awesome, assuming they're non-lethal.

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