Turbocharging A 1972 Datsun 510 Is Absolutely Amazing, Stupid Fun


It now produces nearly four times its original power.

Even back in the 1970s Datsuns, notably the 510, were sometimes considered the so-called poor man's BMW. Datsun, as we all know, is now Nissan. But many consider the Japanese automaker's heyday to be when it called itself Datsun. Adam Corolla in particular is a huge Datsun guy. So was Paul Newman. And now Matt Farah counts himself as one. On this latest episode of Tuned on the Drive network, Farah gets behind the wheel of a turbocharged Datsun 510.

Originally it produced just 95 hp but thanks to that turbo it now spits out four times that. And its weighs just under 2,400 pounds. Owner Rick is very much a Datsun man, owning a couple of others as well. But this old 510 two-door was reborn for track day events. It even scares Farah a bit at first due to its lack of electronic, well, everything.

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