Turn Your Camaro SS Into A Camaro Z/28 For As Little As $1,600


Should anyone be doing this?

We've previously reported that, technically, it is possible to convert a 2015 Camaro SS into a 2015 Camaro Z/28. There was some debate as to whether this should even be done at all, but now Chevrolet isn't going to stop anyone from doing so. In fact, it already makes the necessary parts which are for sale. First reported by GM Authority, New GM Parts has put together a complete list of what you'll need for the SS to Z/28 conversion.

To be completely clear, however, a converted car won't be 100 percent identical to the factory Z/28, but still pretty darn close. For a price of $28,000 you can get the LS7 V8 engine, new gearbox, various aero components, suspension set up, and many other bits. If you wanted to go all-out, go ahead and remove the SS's air conditioning, sound deadening materials, and LED lighting for the true Z/28 experience. Even if you're on a strict budget there's an alternative solution: For $1,600 you can get the rear-wicker spoiler, upper grille insert, rear diffuser, and a few other external items in order to simply mimic the Z/28's appearance.


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