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Turning A BMW 3 Series Convertible Into A Mobile Bathtub Is Not Normal

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But it sure is cool. Meet the lunatic who built it.

There really is no reason for what you're about to see to exist. It serves no purpose in this world, not at all contributing to humanity's future. But we dig it. This 1989 BMW 325i convertible has been heavily modified by a guy named Colin Furze, a crazy Brit and professional lunatic well known on YouTube for his equally bizarre and fun homemade projects. He's also a former plumber, a skill that really came in handy for his latest creation: a mobile bathtub. Even when filled with water the car still runs. Question is, how does Furze not electric himself? That's simple.

He just moved all of the electrics under the hood. Even the ignition is now located there. Amazingly, the car's original door seals are good enough to prevent any leakage. The suspension also required some serious modifications because, well, water is heavy.

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And just when you thought this thing couldn't get any more bonkers, Furze added a couple of leaf blowers behind the front seats to create bubbles. Nothing like a bubble bath at 40 mph. Did we mention the body panels are covered in grass? It even went through a car wash top down just because. And then there's the grille above the trunk. You never know when you've got a sudden roadside craving for fish and chips. And remember, sometimes a lunacy never hurts.