Turning A BMW 3 Series Wagon Into A BMW M3 Looks Like Hard Work

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No wonder why BMW has never put one into production.

There are many cars on the market that we'd like to see with a wagon variant. BMW built wagon versions of the M5 in the E34 and E60 generations, but there has never been an M3 wagon. BMW did build a concept car based on the E46 generation 3 Series wagon, but there has never been a production M3 wagon. A few private owners have gone through the trouble of building their own M3 wagon, and the results have been spectacular. Now a daring owner on Instagram has built his very own F81 M3 Estate.

Instagram user Nick P (aka @63np) just went through the complicated process of turning a regular 3 Series wagon into an M3. The conversion started off with a 320d, which had its 2.0-liter four-cylinder removed in favor of a 3.0-liter twin-turbo S55 inline-six. Seeing the car with the engine out shows just how much work went into building this car. In addition to the more powerful engine, the wagon looks true to a real M3 with new bumpers, side skirts, fenders, brakes, and suspension. The result is the closest thing to an F81 M3 Wagon in existance. The car isn't completely original, with 20-inch 666M wheels and an Akrapovic exhaust.

The whole thing is finished off in a lovely shade of blue paint. We wish more automakers would build performance wagons, but it just means that original projects like this stand out even more.

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