Turning The Toyota GT86 Into An Aston Martin Is The Best Idea Japan Ever Had

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Aftermarket imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

DAMD is a Japanese tuner that has managed to turn the Toyota GT86 (FR-S/BRZ) into a pretty convincing Aston Martin clone. The tuning house's appropriately named Vantage GT86 looks the part with its chrome accents and Aston Martin grille. The light brown leather interior is almost good looking enough to make you forget that you're in a Toyota and not an Aston Martin. The best thing about this kit is that it's damn cheap, at least when compared to the real deal.

Our Japanese is kind of rusty but we did add all the numbers on the order page together and convert it from yen to dollars. The total we got was $3,311, not including any kind of taxes or shipping. This is easily one of the sexiest aftermarket kits for the GT86 out there, even better than DAMD's LFA-inspired kit, so it's worth the three grand and then some.

Source Credits: www.damd.co.jp

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