Turns Out A Fiat 500L Has Holy Powers; Commands A "Holy Sh-t You Paid What?!" Price Tag

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And it's not even armored.

From the outside it's nothing more than a Fiat 500L. That's because it is nothing more than a Fiat 500L, but this one is special (for some). The reason? It was, according to Automotive News, one of six vehicles used during the Pope's recent and historic first visit to the US, which included stops in Washington, New York and Philadelphia. It was in the latter city where the Pontiff rode around in the Fiat. And now it's been sold at auction for a winning bid of $82,000. Its US market starting price? $19,345.

More than 19 bidders were on hand for the auction I, which took place at the Philadelphia Auto Show. It lasted only 11 minutes. The winners were identified as Michael and Kate Chapman of Chapman Auto Stores, and the money will be used to benefit the Roman Catholic Archdioceses of Philadelphia. This now former "Popemobile" was specifically chosen by Pope Francis because it's not luxurious or a gas guzzler; frugality and concern for the environment are two things the Pope holds dear.

Source Credits: www.autonews.com

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