Turns Out BMW Drivers Really Are Unlikable


If the Wall Street Journal says it's true then it must be.

Although we've suspected this for a long time, it's now official and there's even statistical evidence to back it up. A new report coming from the Wall Street Journal is reporting that a couple of studies from both the US and the UK are able to provide statistical evidence that BMW drivers are, shall we say, less polite than other drivers of other brands. A study done at the University of California found that BMW drivers "were far less likely to stop for a pedestrian who had just entered a crosswalk."

However, all of the drivers in the so-called "beater-car category" stopped for pedestrians. Not surprisingly, one research stated that in general "fancy cars were less likely to stop," but that "BMW drivers were the worst." But get this: even Toyota Prius drivers can be assholes. The research showed that, along with BMWs, Prius drivers were also "more likely to cheat at four-way-stop intersections." BMW drivers, specifically males between the ages of 35 and 50, are also more likely to engage in road-rage behaviors, like swearing and being an overall douche.

Source Credits: blogs.marketwatch.com

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