Turns Out It's Not Perfect: The Focus RS Gets A Recall For Software

Actually, all manual Focus models get this recall.

The Ford Focus RS has been pegged as possibly the greatest hot hatchback in the world right now. Although, we have claimed that the RS might be just a tad overhyped. It may not be world altering, but the seemingly perfect Focus RS has just been issued a recall. The recall specifically targets 2013-17 Ford Focus hatchback and Ford Focus RS vehicles with manual transmissions to update hatchback interior release software. 74,000 Focus hatchback models with a manual transmission are impacted by the recall.

In the affected vehicles, the rear hatchback can be unlocked and unlatched with a single press of the latch release while traveling under 4 mph. The latch release is located on the left side of the steering column and could be accidentally triggered while the car is in motion. Regulations stipulate that it take two presses of the latch release to open the hatch. Dealers will reprogram the body control module with updated software at no cost to the customer. If you just brought home that awesome new Focus RS, get ready to take it right back to the dealer for this simple fix.

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