Turns Out Kids Today Really Do Love Cars

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Smartphones may not be the biggest priority for Millennials after all.

There've been many reports over the past couple of years claiming that young people today aren't as enthusiastic about cars as their parents were. Instead, these "millennial motorists" are supposedly more focused on electronic gadgets and social media; cars are just no longer that interesting. Aside from you loyal CarBuzz readers, this was the prevailing opinion for some time. However, a new study has revealed some very different conclusions.

A survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates found that "this age group (buyers under 25) really is passionate about vehicle ownership. Not only do they enjoy driving but they also see their vehicle as a reflection of their identity." The survey specifically revealed that 33 percent of young drivers who've bought a new car "completely agree" that they want their vehicle to stand out from the crowd. In comparison, just 20 percent of all new car buyers across all age groups are saying the same. What's more, 22 percent of young respondents also "completely agree" that they enjoy driving on challenging roadways with hills and curves.

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41 percent made clear they'd prefer a car with responsive handling and powerful acceleration. In addition, this group has a desire to personalize their cars with various features akin to their personalities. Since 2009, young peoples' attitudes towards cars have grown six percent, thus reinforcing the fact that the love of driving cars is still very much alive and well. Ahead is a gallery of photos featuring J.D. Power's 2012 findings of the 10 most popular cars favored by Generation Y (ages 16-35) from highest to lowest.


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