Turns Out Leno Digs Low Riders

And now, there are no bodies weighing the trunk down.

They’re not for everyone, but low riders definitely have a large and loyal following. A combination of hot rod and design engineering, where even the paint jobs can be top notch, the quality of low riders varies greatly. Just like any other car genre, there are some really high levels of craftsmanship out there. In fact, low rider culture is even beginning to spread outside of the US. Along with their hallmark styling traits of small, wire-rim wheels (often with white walls), there’s that hydraulic suspension system.

This is something that requires solid engineering and mechanical skills. But most of all, low riders are a form of automotive art that’s even appealing to Jay Leno. After all, they're built from classic, all-American cruisers like Chevy Imapalas.

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